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Linda J Pifer
Linda J Pifer

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About Linda J Pifer


Born in rural Ohio, writing has always been a part of my life, first for play then for others.

Life threw opportunities one by one after high school and I tried them all;  trained and worked as a nurse, then enlisted in the U.S. Navy during the Vietnam Era. I ran a needlecraft shop in Tampa and designed hand-painted, custom needlepoint canvas and finally returned to the hospital setting to become a state-licensed healthcare risk manager. 

 Always intrigued by the number of diverse paths available in life, I made choices without regret and enjoyed them all.  



My first nonfiction story,  The Cloverfinder, was written about my Uncle Harlan who was a farmer in Ohio. It was picked up by a national magazine; he didn't know he would be responsible for providing me a first 'push' into serious writing, but I think of him often. 

Genealogy research lead me to discover I have  62%  English, Wales, and Northern European DNA which may explain why Scotland keeps appearing in my  books! 

Still, I'm firmly rooted by the influence of my parental lines and those who lived through the evolution of these United States.  


I'm a 

go-with-what-inspires-you Writer. 

Genres include: 

Fiction romance; 

Historical romance; 

Cozy mystery; 


 Genealogy frequently enters my  story lines as you see in the Windows Trilogy (Windows; Daniel Smith-New Zealand Passage; Copper Swift - Back to Highbridge),  and in Thistle & Stone. 

A lot of me goes into the characters, but I love inventing someone who never existed before. 

I do enjoy surprising readers, such as keeping a character's true identity secret at first until discovered later  (Copper Swift -The Windows Trilogy).  

First and third person are my favorite points-of-view. 

You'll note that open countrysides and nature appear frequently in my stories; you just can't get the country out of this girl. 

Reviewers have described my writing as gentle, having a creative, inherent closeness to reality and a knack for delightful detail.   

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BOOK TRAILERS - Thistle & Stone

THISTLE & STONE (2017)  

See the exciting trailer here - go to Amazon or a book store near you for your copy - Also available on Kindle. 


The Windows Trilogy Book 2 - Daniel Smith

DANIEL SMITH - New Zealand Passage (2015)

Travel with Daniel and his wife on an emigrant ship in 1845 to New Zealand where the streets of Dunedin were dust and friends were few. 


The Windows Trilogy Book 3 - Copper Swift

The ancestral seat of the Smith family in northern Yorkshire is in danger of failing. Sarah's research opens a genealogical mystery when old and new generations join together to save their Highbridge estate and home in this cozy historical mystery.  

Check out this great video and cruise to Find My Books to read more. 

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