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Writing keyboard dream story

Sunnie Reynolds dreamed the same nightmare since she was ten and  at 24 she still struggled with sleep deprivation and multiple fears. During a business trip to the Gulf coast of Florida she's forced to reconnect with reality and make a choice - either to fight or flee. 

A psychological mystery in south Florida.  


Bookie Reading Library Mystery Psychological

"Psychological fear is the dominant element..."  Readers' Favorite

"Captivating and suspenseful...the nightmare mystery...refreshing spin for the genre."  Ink and Insights



Ques: Where did you get the location idea for the nightmare?

Ans: From an old beach shack in south Florida.

Ques:  What does an Ohio girl know about Florida? 

Ans: I've lived in west Florida for 40 years and visited as a child - I know about jingle shells. 

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About Linda



Born in rural Ohio, writing was and is a part of my life. Opportunities came after high school and I tried them all;  trained and worked as a nurse, then enlisted in the U.S. Navy during the Vietnam Era. I ran a needlecraft shop in Tampa and designed hand-painted, custom needlepoint canvas then returned to the hospital setting to become a state-licensed healthcare risk manager. 

 Always intrigued by the number of diverse paths available in life, the choices made are without regret.  



 Cloverfinder was my first nonfiction story,  written about my Uncle Harlan, a farmer in Ohio. The story was picked up by a national magazine; he didn't know he was responsible for my push into serious writing, but I remember him always.  

DNA reveals I'm 62%  English, Wales, and Northern European which may explain why Scotland keeps springing into my stories!  Firmly rooted in my parental lines, I am a proud American. 



A  go-with-what-inspires me writer, genres include: 

Fiction and nonfiction 

Historical romance; 

Cozy mystery; 


Mystery suspense

 Genealogy frequently enters my  story lines as seen in the Windows Trilogy (Windows; Daniel Smith-New Zealand Passage; Copper Swift - Back to Highbridge),  and Thistle & Stone. This year a new genre, psychological suspense, enters with Sandpiper Run. 

A lot goes into the characters - I love inventing someone who never existed before. 

Surprising the reader, such as keeping a character's true identity secret to be revealed later  (Copper Swift -The Windows Trilogy).  Or throwing in an atypical scene such as time-travel in an otherwise 'normal' story (Thistle & Stone) makes it fun. 

First and third person points-of-view  are favorites. 

Open countryside and nature appear frequently in my stories; you just can't get the country out of this girl. 

Reviewers describe my writing as gentle, having a creative, inherent closeness to reality and a knack for delightful detail.  I'm not sure what Sandpiper Run will do to that description; it is a little south of reality.   

Contact Linda

Drop me a line - I'm open to questions anytime!

Linda J Pifer

BOOK TRAILERS - Thistle & Stone


A tale about Scot meets Yank; time and tradition uncover answers for Castle Wodehause, a 200 year old ghost and his cranky grandson.   Genealogy plays an important role when two people at first opposed to each other finally join their efforts to regain the family estate. 


The Windows Trilogy Book 2 - Daniel Smith

DANIEL SMITH - New Zealand Passage (2015)

Travel with Daniel and his wife on an emigrant ship in 1845 to New Zealand where the streets of Dunedin were dust and friends were few.  Daniel's life is about survival, firmly rooted in the early settlement days of New Zealand and the granite industry of Scotland.  His story is part of the Smith family's heritage and woven into  both Windows and Copper Swift. 


The Windows Trilogy Book 3 - Copper Swift

The ancestral seat of the Smith family in northern Yorkshire is in danger of failing. Sarah's research opens up a genealogical mystery and both old and new generations come together to save their Highbridge heritage.  

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Sunnie Reynolds lives with a psychological trauma and awakes to the same nightmare every night. In chapter one, she wrestles with her fear and her courage; which one will win out...?

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